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Thu Mar 15 2018
Hambleton Strollers 2018 March Newsletter

We are very pleased to announce the formation, as of 22 February, of the Management Group for the newly independent Hambleton Strollers 2018. Appointments to Chair, Treasurer and Secretary were made, a sub group for marketing and PR formed, and representatives from each walking area joined the Group. Each area also now has its own contact to input data such as leader allocation and walk registers.
Funding from Hambleton District Council is secure until April 2019, and HDC is supporting us in kind with a desk, phone and computer at Stone Cross, and database training for admin volunteers is in progress.
Early sponsorship has kindly been offered by Heck, the sausage-making company near Bedale, in the form of an initial £500, printing of marketing materials and PR help.
Hambleton Strollers 2018 will also feature in the new #brandbedale business group directory which will reach 6000 homes and businesses in the Bedale and villages area.
A Facebook site will soon be up and running, where visitors can discover walk details and interact with us and we will also have an entry in the North Yorkshire Connect directory.
While we have moved quickly to establish the new group, we still have much to do in securing future funding and sponsorship, promotion throughout Hambleton, as well as training new walk leaders, risk assessing routes, setting up the new administration centre and devolving the tasks of the walk coordinator under the previous arrangements.
If you have any contacts or information especially in seeking sponsorship from individuals, businesses and groups in the different areas of Hambleton, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Equally, if you would like to help in any way whatsoever, no matter how small the task or offering, we would be delighted.
However, for our most important walkers, nothing will change and walks continue as normal.
There may be some changes in the pipeline such as moving from fortnightly to weekly walks and aligning start times with bus arrivals. But as always, our priority is to ensure walkers enjoy and benefit from their time with the Hambleton Strollers 2018.
Contact details:
07514 240227
email -
Website - www.walkingforhealth

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