Northallerton Striders
Northallerton Striders is a walking group, based in Northallerton and walking in and around Northallerton and the north end of the beautiful Vale of York.

From the Osmotherley drovers’ roads in the East to the Roman Pillrigg Lane and across to the old Great North Road, this area has hundreds of miles of footpaths, bridleways and quiet country roads but many are falling into disrepair and are being abandoned simply because they are not being walked.  People are sitting at home watching nature programmes on the television when they could be out looking at nature in the raw – and improving their health at the same time.

In the best traditions of Walking for Health, Northallerton Striders aim to encourage people of all ages to get up and get walking, by providing a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment in which to walk.  We do this by providing a mixture of led and guided walks, so people have the confidence of knowing they will not get lost, or they can go off exploring new routes, building up their own confidence and ensuring paths are passable.

Our walks may start in town, but are more likely to start in one of the local villages or at a country pub or tea shop.  Wherever possible we aim to plan walks based on bus stops to accommodate those people who do not drive, but even more important is we plan walks to end at a tea shop or pub, where we can sit around and chat for half an hour before heading for home.

We appreciate the social side is very important and we aim to hold various events throughout the year, from barbecues to pantomime visits to help people make friends.  We also want to work to maintain the footpath network round Northallerton by waymarking, clearing and maintaining paths and by advertising routes, publishing booklets and maps and generally promoting walking for health in Northallerton.

If you would like to become part of this group, as a walker, a leader or a supporter, please fill in the Contact Form and we will send you more information.

Northallerton Striders support the 'Walking for Health Initiative'.

Northallerton Striders organise walks in and around Northallerton, aimed at encouraging people to start walking and keep walking - whatever their age or physical condition.

If you want more information on the Striders, our organised walks or about this web site, please contact us using the contact form  or just come along and join our walks.
Northallerton Striders


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