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The Walking for Health Initiative was set up over 10 years ago, as a way to get more people taking part in exercise.  For many people, starting exercising is a daunting prospect - they may be overweight, suffering from a heart condition or high blood pressure, or just a bit shy.  Making thay first move to get out of the door and do something can be very difficult.

Walking for Health aims to provide a friendly environment where a walker can join a group of people and be welcomed to walk at whatever speed and for whatever distance they want.  Within Northallerton, Hambleton Strollers have been providing starter walks for the last nine years, but do not provide progression walks for people who want to move on to the next stage.  That's why we have formed the Striders - to provide longer, faster and more challenging walks for those people the Strollers cannot cope with.  If you are a Stroller, you are more than welcome to come along to the Striders, and you will recognise many of the faces there.

Your local Walking for Health group is Hambleton Strollers,  A list of the walks can be found from the link below

Hambleton Strollers     Hambleton Strollers email address is
                                     Telephone 07514 240227
Just arrive at least fifteen minutes before the walk starts and you are welcome to join the walk. No charges.   

Other walking for Health walks can be found at

Another of the mantras for Walking for Health is that walking is free - and you can do it any time. Instead of sitting watching television, get out there and walk. A good pair of shoes is all you need (although other clothes are advised, especially in winter).  Here in the Striders we aim to help all walkers in Northallerton by providing route guides and walking suggestions for walks both within Northallerton and round about.  This means that people who cannot get along to our organised walks can get out and about on their own with confidence that they will not get lost.  There are many little roads and snickets in Northallerton which are simply waiting to be explored, and hundreds of footpaths that need walking to keep the weeds and crops down.

Obviously some people walk faster than others, but medical advice is that to be beneficial a walk should be 'brisk' - and the easiest way to define brisk is that you should just be able to hold a conversation while walking, without running out of breath - so you might want to walk with a friend or you’ll end up talking to yourself! Of course, there are times when you will want to stop talking and just listen to the skylarks - we can recomend some walks for that as well.

Always start exercise gently, warm up the muscles with a few stretches, and stretch again at the end. Walking is a low impact exercise so there’s no need for lots of preparation but always take the first and last five minutes of the walk more gently, then stride out in the middle.

If you are doing these walks alone, take a mobile phone. You're not out in the wilds, but if you twist an ankle it can be a long hobble home (don't forget the taxi fare as well, just in case).

Northallerton Striders support the 'Walking for Health Initiative'.

Northallerton Striders organise walks in and around Northallerton, aimed at encouraging people to start walking and keep walking - whatever their age or physical condition.

If you want more information on the Striders, our organised walks or about this web site, please contact us using the contact form  or just come along and join our walks.
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